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Tapmatic Corporation

Tapmatic, the world leader in the design and development of tapping attachments and tap holders, has been helping our customers increase production, improve thread quality and achieve the longest possible tap life since 1952. Whether your application is for CNC tapping on machining centers and CNC lathes, synchronized tapping, rigid tapping or you need to increase productivity by using a self reversing tapping attachement on a conventional drill press or milling machine, we have the right tap holder or tapping head to help you achieve the best results.

Tapmatic also offers a complete program of tools for in machine marking. The Tapmatic TapWriter for dot peen writing, and the ScribeWriter for scribing the work piece, both allow you to draw text, logos, part numbers, or data codes, while the part is still on the CNC machine. Tapmatic's Marking Head is a stamping tool for stamping marks on your work piece with standard type or custom made stamps. All of these tools eliminate the need for secondary marking operations.

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